Site Rules

These are the rules for all users of this site:

1. The game aids are provided as is, without any guarantees. If there's any problem with them, post them on the forum. No registration is required & anonymous posting is allowed.

2. This site is meant to be an interactive gaming portal, not a place to bully or annoy users. Don't bully others, or annoy others deliberately.

3. When image & text files are required during a game, use a file host or personal e-mails to share them. This site will not host files for any users.

4. The use of such file hosts as Dropbox & Wuala is highly encouraged, as local files can be shared easily. This said, do not share any copyrighted material that's still currently distributed by Wizards Of The Coast (including, but not limited to, scans of any literature that's still currently marketed).

5. The game aids on this site are available for the sake of convenience; these aren't mandatory utilities. Feel free to use other resources & even share them on the forum. The more game aids, the better.

6. Users expect some amount of fairness; play fairly & don't cheat. The honour system should be respected.

7. Dungeon masters should NOT officially have any player characters of their own in the games they referee. Dungeon masters can only control non-player characters in the games they referee.

8. Users are recommended to play their games through the Instant Messaging Service; it contains a General Talk area & three separate gaming areas. No user registration is required.

9. Use the forum to voice any suggestions for the website (including requests for more gaming rooms in the Instant Messaging Service). To voice any suggestions, contact the webmaster.

10. Do not post any content or links to content that's pornographic, exceedingly violent, promotes terrorism or hatred.

Enjoy the site & good luck.