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Welcome to the AD&D Shrine


Interested in tabletop RPGs? Ever wondered if/how they can be played through online correspondence? If so, welcome to TechEmporium's AD&D Shrine!

This site's devoted not only to the original game created by TSR, but also to those who wish to play its various campaigns & home-made campaigns online, against other willing players. This site's complete with a real-time messaging service, forum & gaming aids for both dungeon masters & their players.

Note: this website makes use of JavaScript for rendering pop-up windows & embedding interactive applications; all of the JavaScript code used on this site has been tested & verified to not pose a risk to any user. Thus, it's safe & highly recommended to enable JavaScript access/execution for this site in all web browsers.

Site News

August 11, 2012


A new game aid has been added (a random Tarot card generator, complete with original Rider-Waite artwork). Usage is simple enough; press F5 to refresh the Tarot card generator's window & a new card will be drawn. It's a bit slow to load because it uses PHP scripting & high-resolution images, but it works.

Old News

May 20, 2012


The rules have been created. It's now expected that users conduct themselves in a fair & respectful manner towards others during their games. There's much more in the way of rules & the most general ones (i.e.: no porn, no bullying, no piracy, no hacking, etc.) are implied, as is general etiquette.